want to spruce up your bedroom on a budget? we’ve got you sorted babe.

check out how to store your shoes, create mood lighting, make a cute cloud lampshade and a insta worthy fluffy stool below!



create your own shoedrobe

got a lot of shoes but nowhere to store ’em? of course you do babe.

if you’re a babe on a budget who can’t afford a carrie bradshaw closet, this hack is for you.

simply take an old wooden ladder that’s probably hanging around your shed and add a few planks of wood on it’s stairs… easy peasy.

not only is it super cheap, but it’s a cool, chic way of displaying your favourite babies… i mean shoes.

fireflies in a bottle

why not put your empty wine bottles to good use (we all have a few lying around after a weekend with the girls).

this is another super easy hack that you’re gonna love!

get a pack of battery operated fairy lights (you can pick these up for super cheap in pound shops or primark) and pop them into your empty bottles.

all you have to do next is to turn your lights off, and let your fireflies set the mood…

cloud lights

wanna feel sky high? you can with these sweet cloud lights!

how? just buy a paper lampshade from any homewear store (ikea is a good shout), a glue gun and some cotton balls.

next is the fun part – stick the cotton balls around the lamp however you want it! the best thing about these is that no 2 will be the same!

tape photo frames

gallery walls are cool, but buying and hanging the frames sometimes isn’t, especially if there’s no one around to tell you if they’re wonky!

this cute alternative will instantly make your room more cosy, perfect for a uni room!

print out your fave photos of you and bae on holiday, the girls’ night out and even photos you love from a magazine and tape them to the wall with some colourful tape.

violla, you’re now and interior genius and can hashtag your instas with #interiorgoals.

insta worthy fluffy stool

this hack has to be the best. it’s a cheap way to making something that you could spend tones on! the best part is it’ll only take you a few minutes…

all you’ll need to do is buy a cheap metal stool- you can even spay paint it in a trendy gold or rose gold if you like.

you’ll also need a fluffy cushion and a glue gun. you can pick these both up pretty cheaply too.

remove around half of the padding inside the cushion, then wrap the cushion around the base of the stool, securing it with the glue gun.

told you it was easy babe!

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