we know it’s only early october but… it’s hallo-frickin-ween month and we like to be prepared.


we’ve decided to put together some top tips on how to make the most of your costume, so you won’t turn into an unfortunate pumpkin by the end of the night. so remove that resting witch face and get ready to fall in love at first fright.



our girl cardi b never does the expected, *cough* shoe gate *cough* but that’s why we love her! she’s extra af, so of course her halloween costume had to be just that last year. creeping it real, cardi channeled the freaky but fashionable villain, cruel de vil. swapping her bloody shoes for bloody gloves, this look is quite literally, spot on. from the oversized boujee fur coat and the pooch on her lead, we wonder if she named the dog after nicki… #awks.




little mix member, perrie edwards, has always been a fave of ours, and we can’t get over how she changed the halloween game with her take on the little mermaid’s ursula. shoutout to her ex and all that, peri sculpted her amazing silhouette into a latex dress and painted the town purple, bringing a sexy update to the disney villain. the best part of this costume is that latex and vinyl are everywhere right now, so you can even wear the dress again!




forget couple costumes, the bestie costume is the latest trending style which we are so ready to channel this halloween. kourtney & steph have always been besties, and you know what they say… besties who slay together, stay together. embrace the lace and lingerie for the bride costume or channel the groom in a tuxedo complete with a bowtie and corset for a bit of sex appeal.



if it’s good enough for koko, then we rest our case… and if it means we get to wear a silver wig then we’re so ready to channel our inner kardashian in a flash! get it? anyways, the way khloe did her makeup is so simple and easy to pull off, we can’t wait to try this!

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