we all love feeling’ a bit extra from time to time, right? festival season is the

perfect excuse to cover yourself head to toe in glitter!

be as colourful as possible and be wild and free! flowers crowns and uv paint

are sooo last year girl. if you’re hitting a festival(s) this year here’s a few trends

you need to try…



this is defo a hair trend for you this year!

use different coloured semi-permenant sprays to get the finished look,

or if you’re feeling daring, do it for real and make a statement

 this summer! (just make sure to put a towel or two down first)




body art is always a cute trend at festivals. say no to the fluorescent colours,

it’s all about white and metallic paints this year! bring it back to

playschool with arts and crafts and get creative! hands are

the usual go-to for body paint, but you can apply anywhere!

use sticker designs if you end up leaving it til last minute

and don’t have time to dry!


wanna get even more extra with your hair?

add some sequins to your hairline or braids!

use hair gel or vaseline as a base and sprinkle on your sequins.

add it to your coloured hair too, take some hair-spo from above!




when it comes to makeup this summer, we’re all bout going over the top.

we’re obsessing over the holographic trend which looks sooo beautiful in the

sunlight! whether it’s nails, lips or liner, you’ll defo see some holographic

trends making it’s mark this summer.



trends are getting more glittery by the summer…

this year’s summer glitter must-have’s are jewelled bootys and glitter tits!

style with denim hot pants, fishnets or bikini bottoms if you’re in hotter climates.

we get our glitter inspo from @thegypsyshrine instagram account,

a must-follow for festival inspo!




the latest beauty trend we’ve spotted this season,

brow jewels are an extra way too express yourself and stand out in the crowd!

this trend will certainly be one your friends will talk about and then copy!

we’re here for this brow-volution.




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